A service for companies looking to open and operate its own distribution facilities, we can help to find the best location for establishing warehouses, distribution centers or production facilities using cuantitative methods, without leaving out cualitative factors such as government incentives and growth perspectives that can make an impact on the feasability and profitability of the project.   

A basic part of logistics management is securing availability of resources and components to manufacture products or trade them. We can help our customers to develop supply strategies, considering local or imported components that allow productive processes to flow uninterrupted, supporting the company's profitability.

Distribution center location

Supply strategies

Logistics analysis

We are also capable of planning the distribution of your products, whether these are for import or export; we can develop strategies to ship merchandises to or from foreign markets having in mind the accomplishment of your service and profit goals, contributing to the company's growth. 

Distribution logistics planning

Logistics management starts with a plan

Logistics is the part within the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficiency and effectiveness of the goods, services and information movement or distribution, from the point of origin to the point of consumption satisfying the customer's needs. This requires to integrate and optimize supply, manufacturing, inventory, sales and distribution processes, in order to support the company's competitive strategy.    

Our approach considers the logistics processes, but also takes on account a qualitative factor as well, related to the people that perform such processes, since these are altered, modified and sometimes obstructed by such people, and as a result, evaluations and measurements can't reflect the whole situation. 

Logistics planning





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Our logistics services are based on three basic components, which intersperse in an order given by the characteristics and needs of each project. When required these services can also be performed independently. 





In order to facilitate the alignment of both quantitative and qualitative aspects in logistics management, we have designed workshops and courses that can be taken as in-house training as part of a whole logistics management project; or can be included as a subject within a training program with a broader scope.  

Besides of having an excellent academic profile, our trainers have years of experience in different areas of logistics and foreign trade. 

Supply Chain

Business logistics

Production and operation management

Warehouse and inventory control

Product distribution

Import/export procedures

Supply and purchasing

Long term relation development with suppliers (SRM) 

In short, what we do at ViTRADE is helping our customers to improve their logistics processes, supporting their competitive strategy, considering company size, its activity, and its available resources.   

We help on solving specific situations regarding logistics management, with a "hands-on" approach where we analyze the problem and propose a solution, putting it to work together with the customer, in order to provide him with an optimal system, properly adapted to its needs and possiblities.  

Supply chain management

Business logistics planning

Production optimization

Warehouse and inventory optimization

Product distribution management

Supply and supplier management

Preparing for certifications / accreditations 

Management of trade operations and
foreign subsidiaries

The power of sharing knowledge

The power of sharing knowledge